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If you do a lot of editing, programming, or just a lot of multi-tasking, then an ultrabook is almost certainly the best type of travel laptop for you. But even for regular office and internet use, you may still wish to consider an ultrabook. If portability is most important to you, then consider the XPS It has more ports and a bigger screen.

All the i7 and i9 configurations of the XPS 15 also have a dedicated graphics card. That means you can play games on it — maybe not the most demanding FPSes on the highest settings, but most types of games will run well at 60fps. They can also be rapidly charged with this port, making them perfect for on the go.

Surface Book 2 comes in 2 sizes- the smaller The Ultra-HD display alone is enough to spin some heads with its crystal clear visuals. But the biggest attraction is the battery life — it can easily last for a good long 15 hours even when used for watching movies. That would be more than enough to survive long flights with ease. You can use this device in any of the 3 modes- the laptop, the convertible or the tablet. If you attach the keyboard, it becomes an excellent workstation. Although Microsoft has put quite a bit of effort in making it nearly perfect it still has some drawbacks.

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Instead, you get the Surface Connect ports which, if you ask me, are simply overhyped. If you need a fast and highly capable laptop that is also light and portable, then ultrabooks are truly the best category to look at. First things first: this is a Chromebook. This does make them much more efficient and free of typical Windows bloatware as well as a lot cheaper. But for internet browsing, watching movies, basic photo editing, and everyday office suite use, a Chromebook will easily get the job done. The screen has a thick bezel, the trackpad is quite clicky, and the webcam is low resolution.

And you can use the SD card slot to store some extra files, too a free Google Drive subscription is also included.

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The Acer Chromebook has a touchscreen with a degree hinge , which means you can fold it up and use it like a tablet. The battery life is between 9 and 12 hours, which is amazing for travel. But surprisingly enough, Acer Aspire E15 outperformed most of its competitors and offers those features that we expect only from the relatively pricier laptops. One of the biggest wow-factors of Aspire E15 is that despite being a cheap laptop it does offer an SSD, whereas most of the others include the slower HDD. Although small, the provided GB solid state drive should be enough for your day-to-day stuff.

E15 comes with 2 types of display- the cheaper models feature an HD x panel whereas the relatively costlier models feature a much better FHD x display. Surprisingly despite its compact stature, it comes with an array of useful ports. It touts 2 USB 2. It also includes the old school CD drive… in case someone still uses those!

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Although there was no significant delay or stutter while watching videos and running dozens of browser tabs, the performance starts to degrade if you burden it anymore. In terms of portability, it lasts for nearly 8 hours when surfing the web or doing light tasks. A big drawback of this laptop is, however, the weight. You think a good 2-in-1 have to be costly? Or maybe the cheaper ones must be terrible? The biggest positive of this convertible undebatably is the It allows you to use the stylus which is supplied along with the laptop for scribbling and taking notes directly on the screen.

The port selection is quite good as well including a USB 3. Along with all the positives, there indeed are a few drawbacks as well.

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Firstly, the battery backup is decent at max at 7 hours while surfing the internet. And secondly, as mentioned earlier, the in-built Flash storage may be limiting even for day-to-day chores. This aluminum armored knight is powered by either an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor along with 8 gigs of RAM. The At just 2.

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The performance is simply fantastic as there was no noticeable lag even after burdening it with dozens of browser tabs. One key drawback is that the touchpad is somewhat lousy.

This svelte looking convertible comes in 2 sizes as usual- the 13 inch and the 15 inch. Spectre x 13 includes both the USB type-A and type-C port which makes it convenient for charging on the go with the help of external power bricks. The battery backup of the FHD variant under everyday workload is around hours which is pretty standard. The backup comes down to a meagre 6 hours in the power-hungry 4K version. If you are looking for a bit of serious graphics work or gaming I would suggest you to go for the inch version which gives you the option of NVIDIA MX which is pretty decent performance-wise.

Finally, let me share a few general tips for finding the best travel laptop for you. Whatever manufacturer you end up going with, keeping an eye out for these things. Make sure your device has a USB-C port — most new laptops do. Better yet, get one with a Thunderbolt 3 port, which is like a USB-C port but with extra functions it does everything: it can connect screens, charge the battery, or connect external devices. USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 ports can charge your laptop super quickly. You can also charge via USB-C from a portable power bank, should you need some extra juice in a pinch.

I used to have a desktop PC and a laptop, but now I just have a laptop with Thunderbolt 3 for use on the road, and when I get home I connect it to my desk setup with just one cable. Pretty neat! SSD drives consume less power and are faster.

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  • Consider how much storage space you need. I used to travel with a laptop with just a GB SSD and I constantly had to load photos and videos on to it and then upload them to the cloud over slow hotel and hostel WiFi to free more space. I got sick of doing this, so now I have a 1 TB drive. Remember you can still use the USB port to attach a thumb drive and get a bit more space that way. Or you can insert an SD card, if the device has a reader, and cheaply add some more storage space that way.


    Another thing to keep in mind, especially if you travel internationally, is your warranty. Some companies are cool with helping you out with problems no matter where in the world you are, while others restrict you to the country you bought the device. Personally, I like brands such as Dell, Apple and Microsoft for this reason, as they truly operate globally.

    Keep in mind that having a touchscreen or a 4K resolution screen may drain the battery faster than just having a non-touch Full HD p display. The difference is becoming smaller now that 4K screens are getting more efficient, but on many laptops you can still get many more hours of battery life if you get a more basic FHD screen. Note: this post contains some affiliate links. I get a small percentage fee of purchases made through them at no extra cost to you , which helps me do more in-depth posts like these.

    In I quit the daily grind for a life of travel. Here I aim to inspire others to travel more — and to share honest budget travel guides from around the world. Leave a comment Your email address will not be published. Your website url. Love your post! One will often need to connect to Channel 13 in Europe but be unable to because the maker of the device, for some random reason, decided to limit the WIFI via firmware. I have never heard of this being an actual issue — how often does this happen to you?

    Thanks for responding. I had a Samsung laptop which Samsung throttled at the firmware level. This while I was in Europe. I was staying at a hotel that was broadcasting on Too bad for me. They thought I was talking about TV. Trouble is, unless your friends were aware of the issue, they might not even have been aware that they were sitting next to 12 or Their Wireless would have simply reported that no WIFI was available this is assuming their systems had been throttled.

    I continue to look for a US Chromebook that can connect to when I travel. I called up DELL today.

    First, sales told me yes. Being skeptical, I asked them if it would connect to 13 in the US.