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Danvers will be mentored by the alien Mar-Vell believed to be the role Jude Law is playing. Nick Fury will appear.

The best box sets ever to binge-watch before you die

And the plot concern the Skrulls, a race of powerful, shape-shifting aliens with green skin, wrinkly chins, pointed ears, and an interstellar empire. We have a guess about who that character is — Phyla-Vell, one of the crazier cosmic characters in Marvel lore. Instead, it was Mar-Vell, a Kree warrior and hero among his people. Mar-Vell was part of a white-skinned subspecies among the blue-skinned Kree, so he could blend in on Earth. Carol was an Air Force pilot tasked with investigating Mar-Vell, but befriended and later fell in love with him.

That gave her a number of special powers like what Mar-Vell has, including flight, strength, durability and the ability to absorb energy. First, Thanos and Mar-Vell have a ton of history in the comics.

His capacity as Protector of the Universe allowed Mar-Vell to get a powerful artifact, the Cosmic Cube, away from Thanos after he used it to take over the universe. When Thanos briefly left his body as a cosmic, astral projection, Mar-Vell used the opportunity to nab the cube, return time to a point before Thanos took over, and destroy it.

Carol later took over the mantle of Captain Marvel after originally calling herself Ms. And hanging out with Mar-Vell, Carol Danvers probably would have heard about his exploits fighting Thanos, and she might know how to deal with him. It could be that Captain Marvel was lying dormant to conserve her power to deal with Thanos. He uses his bands to create a passage into the Quantum Zone, and then from there, can pop out wherever he wants in the universe. On top of all that, we found another little detail that we think could be very important, involving the Soul Stone.

Sort of tangentially interesting is the story of the Star-Stalker, from Avengers The Star-Stalker spends most of that issue giving a lengthy monologue to the Avengers explaining how it got to Earth, and its story involves a visit to a nameless prison planet where the Kree exile a bunch of pacifist political dissidents. Those Kree dissidents, by the way, are known as the Priests of Pama, also a pretty obscure name in Marvel lore. It would make sense for the Soul Stone to have some accompanying priests, if Marvel Studios wanted to go there.

Just a nightmare. A total nightmare. A totally chaotic stir fry of nonsense that tells the story of how Wolverine got his claws. Features an early version of Deadpool also played by Ryan Reynolds whose mouth is stapled shut, which should tell you all you need to know about it. Just a total mess, incoherent from the word "go.

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This is the Punisher as a straight revenge thriller, and it's not bad. Thomas Jane performs admirably, but the whole thing is missing that extra something that would have elevated it beyond standard genre fare. Setting it in Tampa didn't help.


A notorious flop at the box office and, yeah, it's not exactly "good. Dolph Lundgren and Louis Gossett Jr. For a movie starring Nic Cage about a dude who rides a Harley and turns into a flaming skeleton, this is a surprisingly mundane movie. We may never figure out what went wrong with Marc Webb 's Spider-Man duology, but his choice of Andrew Garfield to play Peter Parker is still brilliant.

It just sucks that this movie doesn't really make any sense. It's also hard to remember because it's generally not memorable. The fantasy Marvel movie is directed by Kenneth Branagh , who covers the whole movie in canted angle shots and theatrical stylings.

Donald Marshall Revolution

It's pretty boring, also, but at least it looks cool. More of the same impossible-to-follow hack-n'- slash plotting from the previous movie, offset by Andrew Garfield continuing to be awesome and Jamie Foxx going way over the top as the big bad. Could have been a bizarre ironic summer classic if it were structured like a real movie and had any character development whatsoever. Instead it's just a shot of visual adrenaline that I'll probably want to revisit at some point -- but not when I'm sober.

But as with the first "Avengers" movie its weaknesses are overcome by great character work. It was an inspired choice, because "Spirit of Vengeance" was exactly as nutty as you'd hope a PG comic book movie would be. A lot of folks like to complain that all superhero movies are the same.

But this was actually a pretty good World War II movie, too. Plot-wise, it never really adds up to anything, but the strength of the cast and the bizarre world they explore more than make up for it. Beloved nerd Guillermo del Toro took over for this one and ramped everything up to More vampires, more blood, more people getting sliced up -- and of course baddies whose jaws can split open and swallow a person's head whole. Disney Animation Studios made a Marvel movie, and it's really sweet.

Sure, it's the kiddie version of Marvel, but that doesn't prevent it from being a wholly satisfying experience. It also marks the return of the character transferring element of QfG , meaning that it is used in a meaningful way that also enhances the narrative effect of the game.

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The brightest example being that when you transfer your character from Baldur's Gate II to Throne of Bhaal , you can continue your romance with the loved character. The 6th has become the most popular Might and Magic game ever, though it did not do anything different from the previous Might and Magic games; it only delivered an updated engine and a more comfortable interface. Most likely it just hit the right time when the public's interest in RPGs was increasing. In a way, MM6 is the peak of Might and Magic games. It is also the last in the series to have that esoteric, mathematical equation feel to it.

The 7th and 8th lose the esoteric part of it. They cut the new age inspiration and went for a more straightforward fantasy meets sci-fi approach. The seventh title added a good and evil path and starting from the eighth game the series faded into obscurity. Well, that is not exactly accurate since Torment is in some ways even more important. And while nowadays there are games like Jade Empire that are pretty much undistinguishable from JRPGs, Torment is the first one to act as a sort of a bridge between these two worlds.

That Time Kevin Mitnick Hacked a McDonald's Drive-Thru

You are partaking in a linear story, but you have been given a certain freedom on how you want to play this character during this linear journey. It is the good and evil choices I am hinting at. But they are not just choices based on good and evil, because the dialogue provided gives you an opportunity to choose between different personalities that all suit the character. Depending on what personality you have taken control of, different situations get different meanings and outcomes.

Fallout introduced the world to the mystery of choices and consequences, Torment defined it. As said, this is exactly the same design that BioWare has made their own with games like Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect minus the personality part. This is why Torment is important, because it introduced the way how to tell a great story with interactivity to RPGs. Now that we have gotten the importance of Torment in design dealt with, I feel safe to mention that most people who played Torment will not really have noticed anything aside from the writing.

Yeah, it is amazing.


Hate it or love it — it is still amazing. Torment is also pretty much of an author project, since everything that made this game good is associated with the name of Chris Avellone , the lead designer and writer in Black Isle tradition the designers actually are the writers but since other developers give writers and designers separate credits I decided to put this in the spotlights. I hate to say it again, but Chris did the major work on the game.

I don't know. It is just special. No, it is not just the setting.

We need you!

The setting of Planescape was not even that special before Torment , so that was not it. It was unique but it is disappointing to read the setting's rulebooks after Torment. Perhaps Chris Avellone is divinity in the flesh as some people would have us believe.

No, he is not of course. He is very talented though. But be as talented as you want, when your team or producer tells you to fuck off, then you go. Truth is that there is just so many different factors contributing to the magic of Torment that I have no choice but to call it an act of God. It just happened and it is pure magic.

Luckily, you were crushed by a passing cart in the street. Sadly it was a pathetic end. Rather than improving on Ultima's simulated world design, something that they did so well that no one has yet matched it, the ninth game removed almost anything that made Ultima 7 good — living NPCs with detailed schedules, each NPC being an individual, subtle social commentaries, depressing human situations — and they replaced it with a sunny happy-go-round old-school tale about a guy who has to kill the bad guy on a tropical isle, featuring banal, awful, preachy morality Stealing is Wrong!

Indeed it was much more like a bad attempt to copy Zelda: Ocarina of Time than to be an Ultima. It does have a sex scene in it though. And a very appealing feel and look. Okay, the reason why Ultima 9 sucked is because of the fans. Simple, but built through many games and layered with human drama.