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Low pass audio filters of 3 KHz, 5 KHz or 7. For subcarrier link systems using the SCD demodulator, a compander encode board plugs into the generator and a decode board into the demodulator to adapt the system to audio companding. Frequency test jack on front panel. Less than 0. The lowest possible cut -off frequency is recommended. Companding: An optional compander encode board is available for installation in the SCG when used in a subcarrier link having a SCD subcarrier demodulator with a compander decode board.

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Companding will reduce noise and can mask certain types of main to sub crosstalk. With companding DB. Front panel adjustment 0. P-P into ohm load.

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BNC connector. Subcarrier can be remotely controlled by grounding a pin of accessory "D" connector. Illuminated panel meter indicates peak modulation or subcarrier output level. Meter switch, subcarrier control switch, modulation level, automatic mute delay, mute level, subcarrier output level, subcarrier frequency. Subcarrier frequency test jack also located on front panel.

DC at 50 MA.. Panel adjustment Phase locked FM detector has less than 0. De- Emphasis: Zero. Companding: An optional compander decode board is available for installation in the SCD when used in a subcarrier link having a SCG subcarrier generator with a compander encode board. Front panel adjustable squelch relay will squelch audio output over subcarrier level range of 0.

Normally open relay contacts available at accessory "D" connector for external functions. LED on front panel indicates "squelch open" condition. Illuminated panel meter indicates subcarrier input level or audio output level. BNC jack for subcarrier input, 9 pin "D" connector for balanced audio output, squelch relay contacts. AC receptacle. Totally shielded and bonded aluminum enclosure. The SCD may be specified for operation on a standard subcarrier frequency used in FM broadcasting.

The subcarrier input to this demodulator should be from a high quality FM receiver having adequate IF bandwidth with group delay characteristics sufficient for subcarrier work. The SCD has several options available, allowing it to perform a wide range of functions in broadcasting and communications. Audio processing options include selectable deemphasis of zero, 75, or microseconds.

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Low pass audio filters of 3 KHz. For subcarrier link systems using the SCG generator, a compander decode board plugs into the demodulator and an encode board into the generator to adapt the system to audio companding. The SCD employs an illuminated panel meter to aid in adjusting subcarrier input level and audio output. Protection Operating Temp. Range Power Requirements. DC at 70 MA. DC at 50 MA. DC samples of relative power output are provided from each transmitter to the switcher through adjustable pots to a voltage comparator.

Switching can be set to occur at any RF power level. Unit can be operated from front panel and terminals are provided on the back for remote operation. DC furnished by both transmitters. The ASO switches all functions to the backup receiver upon loss of signal to the main receiver. The switching threshold is determined by the setting of the squelch relay in each receiver. The standby receiver may be selected by using a latching relay tied to the station's remote control.

A positive voltage output indicates which receiver is in use and the remote signal level sample is also available to be metered by the station's remote control.

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Two leds are provided on the front panel to indicate which receiver is in use. The standby receiver can be selected by pushing the test switch. The ASO provides two separate fail -safe outputs both normally closed, and open contacts are available.

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Range Dimensions Weight MHz. Adjustable 35 DB. MW has three section input and output bandpass filters. NOTE: One or more external bandpass cavity resonators may be required for additional selectivity. Input -output antenna and coaxial line attenuation must exceed amplifier gain for stability. Accurate RF output power meter is provided on front panel. Accessory connector is subminiature D 15 pin male. Internal AC Supply - Precision regulated AC supply also charges internal battery at constant voltage. Internal Battery Supply - A 12 volt 6. This battery is charged by the AC supply and will power the unit up to 36 hours.

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Domestic packed 17 lbs. DC operation. The system will instantly and automatically switch to a battery power source when the primary AC power fais. It will also provide 60 DB power gain at any point it is inserted in the microwave path Where applicable. The MW is available with internal battery backup and charger capable of operating the unit for 36 hours without commercial power.

Since the booster uses the same frequency for re- transmitting, scarce spectrum is conserved. The user may choose to purchase the battery locally to avoid shipping charges. The Model UPS is equipped with a precision constant voltage "Taper" battery charger to maintain the battery in a charged condition.

The charger is set at The battery is external and priced separately. AC Available on special order AC source must be same as radio equipment source. Precision constant voltage charging with current limiting and trickle charge. Standard 19" x 3 ".

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The performance -value leader in Broadcast Equipment. The STL transmitter, receiver and subcarrier boards are located inside the weatherproof antenna assembly for cost saving and ease of installation. Such comparison will show the STL to be cost effective. Microwave path length at 23GHz is limited by atmospheric absorption, with rainfall having the greatest effect.

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Contact Marti for data for use in calculation of 23GHz links in your area. No RF coaxial cable orwaveguide is required on 24" antennas. Digital audio processors not included in above prices. Com Search Status alarms may be programmed to display at the transmitter and studio and, optionally, call a programmed series of numbers with a voice message. Dial -up with speech may be added to either the transmitter or studio end, as well as the computer interface.

Two units required for ARC Also call -out alarms. Studio status indicator. Bandwidths of 25, 50, and KHz are available to broadcasters for many uses except the final link of an STL. These frequencies are professionally data base coordinated interference free channels for reliable communications. Marti has been providing FCC authorized equipment for this service over the past three years. Bandwidths are licensed based upon demonstrated need; the wider channels reserved for wide band FM, high data rate, or multichannel uses.

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System design, integration and onsite training were provided by PlayBox partner, Citra Info Mediatech.

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